our roots

Nathaniel, the driving force behind Alkaline Vibe, has a gift for healing people on a physical and spiritual level through natural remedies, energy exercises and conscious eating habits. At a young age, Nate was faced with family members who battled with serious diseases and he made it his mission to help heal his loved ones. He then continued his craft to help others, to help his people and his community.

Gardner has dedicated his life to not only promoting better health through his holistic products but he is taking action by educating anyone who is seeking a better way to live. Alkaline Vibe is a grass root company that is focused on the betterment of your health and fitness from a holistic point of view.

Alkaline Vibe carries a variety of holistic products: Detox Tea aka The Magic Juice, Charged Up XL and Purple Lotus Supplemental Drops, Nutritional Supplement Shakes for Females and Males, Organic Root Oil, Female and Male Natural Enhancers and more!

As the late great Dr.Sebi said, ”One must consume life – not Death – to maintain and sustain oneself.“