We at Alkaline Vibe carefully took the approach to choose highly electric alkaline herbs, super fruits, leafy greens and sea vegetables to balance the pH within our body chemistry. The body has 102 live minerals in it! We compliment the body with the same 102 minerals that you’ll find in nature such as: soils, trees, water, herbs and plants.

The body necessitates electric food for the electromagnetic waves to power the cells. This will increase the vibration of the body frequency so high that diseases cannot penetrate it.

Take alkaline vibe an hour before any pharmaceuticals.

Eat seeded fruits and vegetables.

Sleep listening to Binaural Beats and 432nz DNA Healing.

Drink a warm glass of water first thing in the morning.

Fast one day a week by drinking Alkaline juices.

Lymphatic massage and regular massage to drain toxins from the cells.