Aquatic Cell Food

Aquatic Cell Food


Bladderwrack is one of the highest iodine containing sea vegetables known. The iodine in bladderwrack is present in the form of di-iodotyrosine (DIT) which is a normal precursor of the Thryoid Hormones The naturally occurring source of iodine makes Bladderwrack a great choice in the support of a healthy functioning thyroid gland when more iodine is required for:

optimal function. • Iodine (necessary for sodium-potassium balance) • bromine (thyroid function) • sulphur compounds (sulfur promotes collagen, hair, and nails) • protein (building blocks of amino acids, as well as skin, nails) • beta-carotene (for eye health and all cellular function) • calcium (bones and teeth) • iron (red blood cells, oxygen transport) • magnesium (good sleep, mood, over 300+ enzymatic functions) • manganese (connective tissues, hormones) • phosphorus (bone health and MANY other health benefits from your heart beat on up) • potassium (an important mineral we need 4700 mgs of a day. • Selenium (crucial for the liver’s detox pathways) • zinc (skin, hair, immunity) • B-vitamins and C—necessary for all bodily processes

Sea moss is one of the most nutritious foods on earth. I mean it. Sea moss or Irish Sea Moss has long been the prime ingredient of a famous Jamaican health food beverage, called Sea Moss Punch, and is a current go-to nutritious drink for health-enthusiasts in the know.It is known to strengthen men's back aka boost their libido as well as boost women's libido too.

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